The History of SketchNanoGard Thermal Liquid Window Coating


During the late 1980’s in Japan, China and Southeast Asia, air conditioning consumption in summer was increasing rapidly year over year as global temperatures were rising. Especially buildings with a larger majority of glass, the thermal insulation of window glass was a big issue.

In 1995 Sketch Co. Ltd Japan, and it’s partners began research and development to produce a thermal barrier nano-coating which could easily be applied on glass; it’s ability to cut infrared penetration, and it’s ability to block UV rays greatly exceeded the performance of traditional window films of the time, and the same is still true today.

As a result Sketch Co. engineered a product which in the summer air conditioning bills began seeing reductions from 20% to 30%, and the cost of the product and it’s application was phenominaly minimalistic to that of new window replacement and construction costs.  

A major advantage was also recognized for colder climate countries like Canada. The nano-coating kept the interior warmth from escaping through the windows. This heat retention effect was outstanding, and it was obvious that heating costs could be greatly reduced as a result. 

In 2016, Sketch Nanotechnologies, based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada began developing the Canadian market with the commercialization of SkethNanoGard thermal liquid coating.

With close to 30 years of experience on the global market, it can be said that SketchNanoGard is a leading product in this climate change era.

To date, the science and technology of SketchNanoGard has spread globally to over 31 countries. 

  Canada  UAE  Thailand
  USA  Qatar  Vietnam
  China  Azerbaijan  Philippines
  Brazil  Nepal  Indonesia
  Chile  South Africa  Cambodia
  Italy  Austrailia  New Zealand
  Switzerland  Hong Kong  Pakistan
  Poland  Taiwan  Russia
  Germany  Korea  Lithuania
  India  Singapore 
  Sri Lanka  Malaysia 


Proven Results by the Ryerson University
Toronto, Ontario

Contact us at Window Innovations to review the Canada-wide case study of SketchNanoGard Thermal liquid coating recently completed by leading scientists at the Ryerson University, in Toronto, Ontario.


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