Your Coated Windows are Special!  

All windows coated with SketchNanoGard liquid insulation for glass require gentle care when being cleaned.  

Cleaning Instructions

We recommend you wash your windows with warm water & a mild dish soap using a NanoTowel.

Cleaning agents containing harsh chemicals such as solvents, citrus oil, ammonia, bleach & alcohol, or Windex can potentially damage the thermal coating. 

The windows should not be washed until the coating is fully cured, after 21 days.

About NanoTowels

(New 02.19.2020) We now offer NanoTowels so that you may clean your newly coated windows with no chemicals.  You may use only water or a mild soapy solution if needed.

Contact us to order your NanoTowels.


For added assurance that your windows will be cleaned properly, we have custom stickers which you can apply to your windows after the 21 day curing period, they include a QR Code which leads to this cleaning & care page.

If you need stickers please email us


Keep The Airflow Moving

Curtains or blinds prevent the movement of air in front of a thermal window. This could give rise to extreme temperatures, resulting in thermal shock or damage to the glass. 

Your blinds should not be lowered completely; they should always be left with at least 4 inches open to allow the air flow to continuously move. 

Stickers & Tape on your Windows

We recommended that you not apply or stick any material on a SketchNanoGard coated glass. It may be difficult to detach without damaging the coating.   (With exception to the care instruction sticker, since it will stay with the life of the window).

Maximizing Your Summer Comfort 


Whether you do or don’t have air-conditioning in your home, we suggest opening up your windows in the morning or late evening to allow the cool air to come in to your home. Your window’s thermal liquid coating will protect the cool air from escaping through your windows once you close them, and it will also prevent the hot rays penetrating in during the day time. 

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