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Energy Efficient Buildings

Energy Efficient Buildings

The trend to more energy efficient buildings is more prevalent than ever. Windows account for the most energy loss in buildings and there has been no truly durable insulation for glass in Canada until now.

Our SketchNanoGard thermal liquid coating will help reduce UV radiation up to 100% and infrared radiation up to 85% resulting in up to 30% energy savings (depending on your climatic zone).

Comfortable Rooms & Fading Prevention

However, the energy savings are not the only advantage.  The comfort level created within a building is tremendous and will be enjoyed by your customers and staff.

Aswell, with 100% UV rays being blocked discolouration and fading of art and any displays will also be eliminated.

HVAC Savings

In the summer, even with no blinds down, the heat gets blocked out and during the cold winter months, the temperature is maintained much longer and allows for less demand on HVAC systems.

Low Emissivity with SketchNanoGard

Emissivity in window is a measure of the window’s capacity to emit radiant energy. It is measured between 0 and 1.  The higher the emissivity value of a window, the more heat escapes through it, especially at night and during the winter months. 

The emissivity of a regular double pane window is 84%, with SketchNanoGard it is reduced to 14%.

SketchNanoGard Science & Technology Studies

Our technology is supported by a prominent Canadian University.  To learn more about the studies, and to obtain a copy of this research please fill out the form below or give us a call at 403.473.4757. 

Request a Quote

It would be our pleasure to do a live presentation for you, in which you can experience first-hand, how noticeable the difference is between coated and non-coated windows. 

Please take advantage of our free onsite quoting service.  We will calculate an estimate for you, which you can expect to be approximately 10% – 15% of the price you would budget if you were considering to replace your existing windows with brand new windows.   Contact us for a quote.

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